Production Schedule:

Revised and updated: October 21, 2017

  • Orders are taking about 7 to 8-months to complete at this time.    

  • There were many orders placed between January and March 2017 and those are being completed in October and November.  

  • Orders from April - July will be completed in November and December.

  • The normal production time of 4 to 6-months will resume in December.  

Another update will be given on December 1, 2017.   

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​Due to the increase of postage costs, shipping charges have recently been adjusted.

In an effort to speed up production times, several products from the catalog have been discontinued. These items were not in high demand, but they were very time consuming to make and were a hindrance to the production schedule.  If you do not find a specific product in the latest catalog or the catalog shows it has been discontinued, it is no longer available.  Please do not inquire about the item.  If an order is sent in the mail for any discontinued products, they will be removed from the order and a refund issued for them.             
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Please note that we are not able to maintain items in stock. We manufacture all items as they are ordered, in the order received. We recommend ordering as early as possible, as it could take 4 to 6-months or longer, depending on our workload, to complete your order. 
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