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March 11, 2019

Dear Sisters and buyers, 

Nearly 2-weeks ago, I sent out an e-mail telling of the situation here and that I need donations to continue on. I included the link to my Go Fund Me page. As of today, only $289 has been raised by 5 donors. I set the goal at $125,000 in order to get completely out of debt and to be able to setup a new shop, as I am working in very poor conditions right now. I need at the very least $28,000 to continue on with the business. 

A priest friend of mine told me that one of the basics of fundraising is that you have to ask. I have done just that, but have gotten a poor response. If you can, please donate to my fundraising campaign. Please share my Go Fund Me link or the wrightscatlog.com website address, where the link can be found as well, with anyone and everyone. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, please post it there. If you can have it posted in a parish bulletin, please do so. I need the financial help in order to go on…

Thank you so much.


B. Wright

February 26, 2019

Dear Sisters and buyers,

In 2009, the Emmet A. Fitzgerald Company closed their doors for good. They were the last to do so of the several companies, which catered to the veil and other habit accessory needs of women religious, which had been in business for decades, and which had one by one gone out of business due to the lack of need for their services. For the past 10-years, since I took over for Fitzgerald’s, I have struggled financially to stay in business in order to continue offering my services to the nuns and sisters who continue to wear the habit. With each passing year, I have gone further and further into debt.

Last May, I announced that I would have to close down and took what I thought would be final orders. I received many e-mails from sisters who had no idea where to go to get veils in the future. I was so torn by the need of the sisters to be able to get caps, mesh frames, and veils and the fact I could no longer continue because of the financial struggle. At that point, as many of you already know because of everything I have shared with you over the years, I was by myself without any staff and without any hope that I would be in a position to hire anyone to help. But then towards the end of the year, some of my family members persuaded me to move to be with them and offered to help with the sewing. They talked me into trying to continue on for the sake of the sisters. We came up with a plan to reorganize the business, by only offering our services for a few months, on an annual basis, and to keep only the most popular products in the catalog. In that way I could take on something else to meet my financial needs, since these services do not. My family is not yet able to help me sew, due to financial constraints and their employment commitments, and will only be doing so when I have the next annual sale.

At this point in time, I am not in a position to take orders again until all of last year’s orders are completed and the annual sales window opens (which has yet to be determined) and so I have no revenue being generated. I cannot do any other jobs because I have to devote all my time to completing last year’s orders and so I have no income coming in. I am still sewing by myself and it is taking time to get through all of those orders. Therefore, I have decided to ask for help with my financial situation in order to continue offering my services. I have established a Go Fund Me page. If you know anyone who is wanting to donate money for a good cause, please tell those benefactors about me and refer them to my Go Fund Me page. My goal is to raise $125,000.00 to get out of debt and to be able to continue this important work. 

For those of you who are waiting on your orders from last year, please know that I am working as hard as I can to get them to you. Right now I am still looking at a couple of months to get through all of the ones from May 2018 and then finishing up all the others by the end of May. 

Thank you.


Bill Wright

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